Welcome to the home of Laedtke Images, the creative photography of Joe Laedtke.


It’s not that much of a leap, really, from documenting family gatherings with my mom’s Kodak to shooting some of the biggest and most exciting shindigs in Wisconsin. I might have a cooler camera, maybe a few more toys, but I still have the same unwavering dedication to gettingĀ the shot, that one single picture that makes everyone smile.

And, I still have my mom prodding me about improving my technique and always striving for utter perfection for my clients. Seriously. She calls me daily.

My love affair with photography started on a hot July day, probably 1989, in the backyard of my family’s Washington Heights bungalow, when my mom gave me her old Instamatic. The first picture I took with it was our Golden Retriever, Mindy, as she lay in the shade of the garage. The “click!” of the shutter, turn of the film advance, and longing to see the developed film — I was hooked.

Today, I rock a few Nikon DSLRs, but if I’m feeling nostalgic for film, I still have a Mamiya 645 to take gorgeous, medium format portraits that make Instagram look like cave paintings. I travel light, with a complete rig in the trunk of my station wagon, can set up at the drop of a hat, and I’ll gladly schlep to where you need me. Need some product shots on location… in time to post to Facebook for dinner? No problem. Have a big party tomorrow that needs to be be in the company newsletter? No problem. In a bind for your magazine cover, blog content, headshot, or e-blast art? No problem. We’ve handled every one of those situations for our clients, with breathtaking results.

Need more convincing? Talk to Ryan Braun’s Graffito, Umami Moto, Carnevor, Distil, Mikey’s 8-Twelve, Stack’d, BizTimes, The Business Journal, Milwaukee Magazine,, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, WTJM-4, RadioMilwaukee, CBS This Morning (they even did a story on my food blog!), Bader-Rutter, Mo’s Restaurants, AJ’s Live,, and Edible Milwaukee Magazine. They’ll tell you how much they love what I’ve done for their image.

Or, even better, take a look for yourself at my portfolio, and feel free to holler with any questions.


Who Am I?


I’m Joe. Born in Milwaukee, raised in Milwaukee, a native of Washington Heights, Marquette High and Ripon College grad. I’d like to think I’m following in the footsteps of my Great-Uncle, George Leonard, whose life revolved around his professional photography business. My photography, not unlike Uncle George’s, is an all-consuming passion. My skill is acquired through doing, and every day I’m learning new tricks, new methods, and I am completely incapable of standing still, becoming complacent with my abilities. I live on Milwaukee’s South Side, work a day job as a funeral director (I know, it’s a bit of a contrast), and have a collection of antique electric lamps. I think Nutella is over-rated, have a fear of heights, and compulsively buy Fords after one saved my life in 2010. I’m an only child, devoted localvore, and English Major. I tend to write far too much.